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Experience and reliability
in Genome Sequencing

GalSeq has been created by a team of scientists with a strong experience in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and in Bioinformatics.
Therefore we know what type of services and analyses our customers need. GalSeq delivers high quality NGS services at very competitive prices, coupled with top-level bioinformatic analysis and assistance, using in-house developed analysis tools such as FusionAnalyser, CEQer and SpliceFinder.
The conversion of complex sequencing data into reliable and informative biological results represents the strength of GalSeq, thanks to the bioinformatic experience of its team.

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Galseq is seeking a bioinformatician for immediate hiring... [Read More]

What our customers say about us:
"I am amazed at all the elegant work GalSeq have done"
from New York University